Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017

10 Jul 2017
Global report assesses how privatization and corporate capture have become obstacles to progress under the 2030 Agenda. Supported by a broad range of civil society organizations and trade unions, it is based on experiences and reports by national and regional groups and coalitions from all parts of the world.

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01 Mar 2017

Panel Discussion: The Rise of Illiberal Democracy and Implications for Social Mobilization

Tuesday, February 28, starting at 6pm at Australia-Pacific Performance Space (USP Laucala Campus), Suva.
Speakers: Gita Sen (DAWN), Maureen Penjueli (PANG), Vijay Naidu (USP) and María Graciela (DAWN). Moderator: Prof. Paul Carnegie (Head of Governance program, USP)

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16 Sep 2016

Emerging powers, gender, sexuality and human rights

September 10 2016  AWID Forum: session was organized by Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) in collaboration with Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL), CONECTAS and DAWN.

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14 Sep 2016

What “big data” means for gender and development?

September 11 2016 AWID Forum: panel was organized by ARROW, Tactical Technology Collective. 

14 Sep 2016

Resumen de Refundando los contratos sociales: Feministas en un mundo feroz

Para nuestros amigos de habla hispana...
The Español version of the Summary of Social Contacts (Resumen de Refundando los contratos sociales: Feministas en un mundo feroz) is now available as a PDF for download.