Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

DAWN's second substantive global analysis, Reproductive Rights and Population: Feminist Voices from the South, was produced for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPC), held in 1994. The analysis illustrated DAWN's niche role in providing historical analysis, conceptual clarity and strategic direction to organizations working to secure gains for women in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights and development. It broke new ground by placing the issues of population and reproductive health and rights within a broader development framework that is informed by feminist political economy, holistic, sustainable and empowering for women. With the interface of neocons and neolibs in global politics that result to intolerance and limitations on a number of human rights, DAWN's work has also focused on the need to surface and interlink sexual rights issues more prominently in its south-based social equality-political democracy-economic justice analytical frame.

DAWN Regional Advocacy Tools

The DAWN Regional Advocacy Tools for Cairo @20 are analysis and advocacy papers from six regions of the global South – South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America and the MENA region are available as PDFs to download from our resources section here.

SRHR Analysis Team: Gita Sen and Cai Yiping

11 Jan 2018
Zhang Dandan and Cai Yiping analyze the significance of the nine new principles and 112 additional state obligations of the Yogyakarta Principles, a milestone in achieving human rights for all.
04 Jan 2018
Presentation delivered by Cai Yiping at 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual and Health and Rights held on November 27 to 30 2017, in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
25 Oct 2016
In its ruling the Human Rights Committee held that by prohibiting and criminalizing abortion, and thereby preventing Ms. Mellet from accessing abortion services in Ireland, the state subjected her to severe emotional and mental pain and suffering. As a result, Ireland violated her rights to freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, privacy, and equality before the law.
20 Sep 2016
Reflexiones para la implementación del Consenso de Montevideo sobre Población y Desarrollo
20 Sep 2016
Some reflections for the implementation of the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development
24 Aug 2016
11 Aug 2016
This issue five authors examine the implementation of the Montevideo Consensus.
  • Learning and Reflection on the Montevideo Consensus
  • Implementing the Montevideo Consensus on SRHR
  • Advances and Challenges in Implementing the Montevideo Consensus – experience from Caribbean region
  • Why regional agreements can go further than global ones?
  • Montevideo Consensus: Side Event at CPD49 2016
We give some space to our DAWN alumnae: two graduates of DAWN training institutes write about their passions. 
There are also latest updates on two of our research projects and the PEG team give us a snippet from an upcoming paper being written on Illicit Financial Flows.
Ayesh Imam gives us an excerpt from her Keynote speech at the inaugural joint conference of the American Anthropological Association and African Studies Association “Innovation, transformation and sustainable futures in Africa”.
And photos from a public forum DAWN held in Montevideo in November, 2015 as well as events at CSW60 and CPD49.
15 Apr 2016

The Permanent Mission of Uruguay and DAWN co-sponsored a side event at the 49th session of UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD49) on the 14th of April 2016.  The event was held in Conference Room 9 at the UN Headquarters and discussed “Meeting the SRHR of all people: Advancing the Montevideo Consensus Agenda”.


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