'China in Africa, Africa in China': Gender & Sexuality Dimensions

In this new interview of the '30 minutes with...' Rama Salla Dieng discusses the gender and sexuality dimensions of China's presence in Africa and vice-versa with a panel of researchers and activists: Cai Yiping (Executive Committee Member of DAWN - Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era), Ify Ogo (Doctoral researcher at the Department of Law, University of Maastricht and International Consultant from Nigeria), Pei Yuxin (Associate Professor , Department of Sociology and Social Work, Sun Yat-Sen University, China) and Yu-Yin (China Small Grants Coordinator, Global Green Grants Fund). 

This video was recorded in parallel to a workshop on China & the global South: Gender & Sexuality Implications from 10 to 13 May in Santa Cruz, convened by Professor Lisa Rofel of the Center for Emerging Worlds and her team at the University of California Santa Cruz's (UCSC).

China, Africa, Gender, Sexuality, Economic development, Investments, Emerging, Global South, Ci Yiping, DAWN