DAWN Informs November 2017

Feminists in the Streets and Thinking: Reflections on the International Women's Strike (IWS)

by Working Group on Social Movements (Latin America)

Collectively written, this article looks at the long process of struggle for women's rights that preceded the landmark mobilization of the past 8 of March, which brought together thousands of women from at least 57 countries.

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Feminist mobilizing and intense advocacy from Rio +20 to the SDGs

by Gita Sen (India)

Gita Sen examines the challenges faced by women’s organizations in advocating for a broad range of the issues that became part of the SDGs and their targets.

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Adressing interlinkages for effective implementation of SDGs

by María Graciela Cuervo (Dominican Republic)
This article looks at DAWN’s interlinkages approach, which addresses structural causes behind inequality and human right violations, and supports a framework of development that does the same.
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Defending Seeds, Land and Life: Reflections from the Southern Africa Peoples Summit

Hibist Kassa (Ethiopia)
A reflection on the gathering of about 500 delegates from civil society across the sub-region of Southern Africa to debate on corporations abuses against communities and activists. 

Self-management as a practice and alternative: building feminist bridges

Florencia Partenio (Argentina)
An overview of self-managed women workers' efforts in incorporating a feminist approach into global and regional meeting spaces, including the latest International Workers’ Economy Meeting in Argentina. 

DAWN Alumnae

DAWN’s training institutes and meetings have provided tools to many young feminists around the world to apply feminist and interlinkage analysis in their everyday work, which takes place at local, national, regional and global level. In this issue we feature an interview with one of them:

Feminist Voices at HLPF 2017: Interview with Viva Tatawaqa

by Mereoni Chung (Fiji)
The young Pacific feminist, alumna of DAWN’s 5th DTI, talks about her experience delivering the Opening Statement at this year’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.
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Corporate power: a looming threat to the fulfilment of women‘s human rights
by Corina Rodríguez Enríquez (Argentina)

This article is an excerpt from Corina’s chapter in the civil society report Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017, where she analyses different dimensions in which corporate power threatens the realization of women's human rights, including their responsibility for the lack of fiscal space for national governments, due to their tax evasion and avoidance.  [read>>]

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